About Sillable

Our team came together with the common vision of strengthening brick-and-mortar retail in New Haven. As ex-physicists, we saw that online shopping giants currently offer the path of least resistance, so we set about removing friction for shopping local.

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of consumers would pay more to buy local ​
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of $100 spent locally stays in the local economy.​
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of Gen Z feel guilty about shopping on Amazon.​

Revitalize local markets while having fun

At Sillable we’re motivated to create a more sustainable and affordable way to consume, and to avoid the displacement of small sellers that play an integral role in crafting local culture.  

Our Team

Aaron Daniels
Founder, CEO

Aaron is a Physics graduate from Yale, with research focused on computational physics and big data.

Previously, Aaron built websites for small businesses. This experience showed him how hard it was for them to compete online. He guides the product and company direction of Sillable.

Burton Lyng-Olsen
Founder, CTO

Burton's background is in competitive Physics and robotics. As a double major in computer science and economics at Yale, he leads our technical development.

Burton is also the DJ for our team and will put on anything but auto-generated lo-fi music (rock is surprisingly great to code to).

Lele Xu
Founder, COO

Lele studied Physics and Art at Yale. Having dipped her toes in Technical Program Management at Google, she strives for efficient, scalable operations.

Lele is in charge of outreach and store relations at Sillable, where she's constantly inspired by how storeowners operate their businesses.

Our Promise to Stores

Built with and for Brick-and-Mortar stores

Easy Product Pages

Take a picture of what you want to put on your store page (aka in your windowsill), write a description, set a price, and it's ready to sell.

Familiar Layout

Sillable is bridging social networks and marketplaces with page layouts that feel similar to your favorite social media apps.


Integrates with existing management systems, Clover, and Stripe. We want you to do no additional work to serve a bigger local audience.

Reward Loyalty

Customers are incentivized to make repeat purchases and bring their friends to your store.

Saves Everyone Time

No need to direct customers down the right aisle. They can search through your catalogue online, access product descriptions, and make a purchase in minutes.

Check Trends

Sift through local marketplace data to inform how you stock most efficiently.

Localized Eco Friendly Convenient Fun

Your storefront to the 21st century

Sillable is a mobile app that lets you shop brick-and-mortar stores online. Discover high quality local gems and pick them up in the same day! 

Plus, unlock tons of discounts when you shop with friends.