The Anti-Amazon Ethos of Our New Shopping App

The Anti-Amazon Shopping Movement is not merely a rejection of a specific e-commerce platform; it’s a conscious effort to redirect money into the hands of people rather than faceless corporations. By supporting local businesses, artisans, and ethically-minded operators, we aim to create a more sustainable and equitable economic ecosystem.

In a world dominated by the convenience and immediacy of online retail giants, our consumers embrace a slower, more purposeful approach to shopping. Three groups of players must align in an anti-Amazon stance for this to take off.

1. Team of Hopeful Student

In a world obsessed with instant gratification, our team dares to push for a return to thoughtful and intentional shopping. Yes we’re young and charge forth with the blind passion associated with our youth, but we have one tangible goal: foster a connection between consumers and the stories behind the products they buy. When choosing a gift for someone special, or a centerpiece for your home or wall, you’re looking for a unique, warmth-filled story to resonate. The stories are what we hope to surface to shoppers.

Why do you #shoplocal ? Event participants respond.

2. Collaboration of Small Businesses

Cutthroat competition seems to happen at higher levels of operation. It’s been incredibly heartwarming for us to work with businesses that want to elevate each other, knowing that when one wins, the whole small business economy wins. They are open to any opportunity to cross-promote and leverage strength in numbers to share resources. Surprisingly, even towards other businesses that sell similar things to similar demographics, their attitude is one of curiosity and learning – what are they doing differently that we can try out?

With Ethical Backbones

One of the newest business to join Sillable, Tinaliah, is unusual in many ways. It started as a nonprofit teaching alternation and design skills to women recovering from homelessness, those with disabilities, and who are immigrants and refugees. The owner, Catherine, told us when they joined that more often than not, their tailoring service extends to education about slow fashion. One customer came in with pants that broke after a few wears, for which the cost to repair is similar to the cost of the pants. “You end up talking to customers about their initial purchase choices”, Catherine explains. “If it’s needing repair that easily, next time maybe consider investing in wellmade pieces that last longer”.

3. Consumers Who Love to Shop

Our consumers love nothing more than spending a day wandering around downtown or Westville in New Haven, with their mother/daughter, group of friends, or partners. Taking the time to savor the experience, staying open to discovering exactly what you like.

To be anti-amazon is not just to reduce shopping, it’s to remind ourselves to value quality over quantity, experience over expedience. More importantly however, our customers know that every purchase is an opportunity to make a positive impact—to vote with our wallets for a world where people matter more than things.

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