Intentional Consumerism Under Capitalism

Alternative title: A Manifesto for Intentional Consumerism

In a world where capitalism reigns supreme, it’s no secret that many of us harbor grievances with the system to varying degrees. Some reject it entirely, while others reluctantly accept its harms to people and the environment as necessary evils. The undeniable truth is that global capitalism is here to stay.

Not only do our banking structures, manmade world, and even healthcare and education rely on free markets (in the US), we ourselves are tethered to it if we want to make ends meet. Because of our ideological misgivings, many outside the nonprofit world feels a prevailing sense of powerlessness. Limited resources, limited time—our lives consumed by corporate jobs.

We all yearn for more time with family, friends, and loved ones, engaging in activities that bring true joy. At Sillable, that’s at least one way we can help.

Crack in the System

Shopping local is our way in. We’ve devised a short-term immediate plan and a long-term vision to empower individuals and thereby their communities. In the short term, you can better choose where your money goes. We do everything we can to make shopping local convenient in the age of mobile phones. We in fact make it more conveninent than Amazon to pick up an item you need within hours. All businesses on our platform are run by hardworking individuals—POC, queer folk, immigrants—people with integrity, talent, intelligence, and heartwarming stories. In a world where money speaks louder than religion, politics, even art, your choice to support local shops over Amazon becomes a tangible expression of your morals to yourself and those around you.

In the longterm, your economic decision catalyzes an unending loop: supporting a small business, getting 7% cash back, reinvesting in another small business, and contributing to local taxes for community development. See our deep dive into the economic impact of shopping locally. Sillable’s cut helps us expand into every small and medium town across the United States, strengthening each community through local economies.

We urge you to be intentional when you shop. Challenge the behaviors we’ve been taught are inevitable. Instead of prioritizing cheap prices, let’s promise each other to make conscious, powerful decisions. Put your money into people and things that touch your heart. Your microscopic choice today can create a ripple effect, shaping a future where our economic power aligns with our deepest values. Let’s redefine consumerism and build a world where joy, connection, and meaningful purchases reign supreme.

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