5 Reasons to Love More Amour Boutique Even More

Expressive, fun, elevated, perfect for summer. Visit More Amour Boutique at 1130 Chapel St New Haven or see featured items on Sillable.

We all know retail therapy is real, but shopping at More Amour Boutique leaves you with more than a fleeting satisfaction. More Amour owner, Kim, believes that fashion can inspire you to live your most fearless, authentic self. Whether or not you were already a fan, here are 5 reasons to love them even more!

5. It’s the perfect fusion of trendy and timeless.

At More Amour Boutique New Haven, you’ll find the perfect fusion of trendy and classic fashion. We love that the colors, shapes and patterns always stay current, but with a bold element of design that you won’t find on the hordes of trend-following Instagram shops. No, MAB doesn’t follow trends. It effortlessly satisfies the current aesthetics while constantly pushing boundaries and setting trends.

We’re constantly amazed at the range of customers in the store, but it makes sense. You can find that bachelorette party dress with the perfect balance of chic and sexy, while your friend finds a magnificent frilly summer dress and your other friend snatches a suit oozing with style and sophistication.

Artist @theestout in the Royal Two Piece during #grammyweekend

The jewelry collection is a perfect example of what makes More Amour Boutique special. You see silver geometric earrings on every celebrity, but these rectangles are a little longer to elongate the face, and toe the line between hoops and dangles.

Similarly, the evil eye symbol is being made into all types of earrings, bracelets and necklaces, but have you ever seen a more glamorous evil eye with sparkly lashes?

Because of the bold creative vision running through all the pieces, MAB’s collection crosses many style categories without feeling disjointed. No matter your age or tastes, we’re sure you will find pieces that both speak to your soul and challenge you to be bold to pull it off.

4. These handbags. That’s all.

You cannot find these elsewhere, and we cannot overstate how much we want them. Elevate your accessory game with these standout designs and be ready to spark a little envy. MAB’s bags do sell out quickly, so be sure to follow along on Instagram and shop what’s in stock on Sillable.

3. More Amour Boutique puts New Haven summer heat to shame.

The fits are so fire they make this heat feel like a joke.

Seriously though, MAB’s summer collection will bring out the bold, passionate side of you. They features a stunning array of vibrant colors, breezy fabrics, and lightweight designs. From flowy sundresses to stylish swimsuits to this satin set, there is everything you need to survive the heat and look good in it.

Check out their showstopping swimwear collection here!

2. Statement pieces without the designer tag

Get looks that feel legitimately editorial, like you could be on the cover of Vogue magazine, but without paying the unnecessary premiums of luxury brands.

MAB prices are a reflection of talented designers and top quality materials. There’s no need for a logo for other people to see because the statement of the design stands on its own.

Express your individuality and fabulous taste with the confidence of a model!

1. You’ll meet Kim!

Saved the best reason for last: Kim is the founder and owner of More Amour Boutique and we’ve been blessed to be able to work with her. So much of the bold energy at MAB stems from her personal courage. She chose to pursue her passion and open this boutique, leaving behind impressive consultant jobs at Neiman Marcus and Saks.

Clothes are the essence of our self-expression. It’s not “just a T-shirt” or “a pair of pants.” It is everything that we are and can be all simultaneously. Fashion at MAB embodies love, excitement, balance, happiness, and joy.

– Kim Poole, founder of More Amour Boutique

Being in the shop most days a week, Kim personally welcomes every customer that walks in and often points you to a piece that you didn’t even know you’d love. It’s important to her that More Amour Boutique is a space for the community to visit and feel connected to. Her relationship with her customers is truly one based on friendship and community.

We can’t wait for you to meet Kim and get inspired beyond just an outfit!

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