The Perfect Holiday Activity: A Whimsical Scavenger Hunt in the Heart of New Haven

Greetings, New England in the winter! The holiday season is upon us, so I’m looking for the perfect holiday activity near me. Luckily, a group of spirited local businesses in New Haven has joined forces to bring you an enchanting adventure all over town.

Step into a game where brick-and-mortar charm syncs with your mobile phone to give you a whole different perspective to the #shoplocal movement. Because yes, supporting small businesses boosts all aspects of a city’s development AND is more sustainable, but it is also an unparalleled experience in terms of the joy, warmth, and believe it or not, savings and convenience. Welcome to the New Haven Scavenger Hunt, where Sillable along with 12 local businesses have curated such an extraordinary journey for you.

Looking for the perfect holiday activity near you?

Meet the Heroes: A Collective of 12 Indenpendent Brick-And-Mortar Shops

In a world dominated by corporate giants and soulless mass production, a group of small businesses in New Haven has doubled down on offering unique, handcrafted, and story-driven products. Bound by a shared belief in people before profit, these businesses are the heartbeat of the New Haven community.

Read spotlights on 3 local New Haven businesses here:

Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime, Right Here in New Haven

Grab your kids, parents, siblings, friends, and special friends. Tell them that the streets of New Haven will be transformed into a magical realm. There’ll be treasures where you least expect it, exclusive deals at your favorite shops, and freebies to brighten your day.

The New Haven Scavenger Hunt invites all to unleash their inner explorers. All you need is a map that you can pick up at a NHFPL branch near you, or print yourself. You’ll be guided through the city by the emojis on the map & the Sillable app, more instructions here: Whether you’re looking for the perfect day-long holiday activity to do with your family, partner or best friends, or you just want to make the most of holiday discounts, we gotchu!

Anti-Corporate, Pro-Taking the Time, Strolling Around Town, Chatting with the Storeowners.

The ethos of our scavenger hunt is rooted in the idea that shopping should be more than a transaction; it should be an imparting of unique value that can’t be found elsewhere. Followed by an appreciation for designing / making / curating the coolest item because it’s exactly what you needed.

So this shopping period, step back from the Black Friday emails from Amazon, Poshmark, and whatever other newsletters you’re subscribed to. We’re 100% confident that amidst the whimsy, exclusive deals, and chance to connect with the stories behind each product, the perfect holiday activity near you is the first New Haven Scavenger Hunt you’ll find the perfect holiday gift to yourself or your loved ones on the first New Haven Scavenger Hunt by Sillable!

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