2. New Haven App Brings Online Shoppers to Local Retail

Sillable is a mobile app that lets you support local businesses in New Haven.

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Hi there, this is the second post in our intro series. If you haven’t read the first one, we believe it’s more important to know why we started Sillable in the first place. Our focus today is to explain what makes Sillable a game-changer in online shopping as well as how browsing, buying and sharing rewards works. The next post delves into our beliefs and vision. Join us in supporting local stores with Sillable!

Sillable walk-through: browse, shop, and earn rewards

1. Discover Hidden Gems in New Haven

Discovery screen

Have you ever gone into a store for one thing on the windowsill, and before you know it you’re perusing the very back wall of the shop, giddy at having discovered a treasure trove?

On Sillable, we want to retain the sense of exploration. So while you can beeline for an item by searching for it, you can also slowly explore the New Haven local business scene:

  • By Store
  • By Category
  • By Featured
  • By Price
  • By Similar Items

As you browse through our pilot stores, do let us know of other stores and items you’d like to see in New Haven!

2. Support Local Businesses in New Haven

Checkout from cart screen

Using your wallet is the most direct way to show love for your favorite stores and city. However, with limited items from select pilot stores on Sillable right now, you may not find something to get off the bat.

As we expand, you feedback, as our favorite user, will steer our direction!! Make sure to:

  • Tell a friend about us.
  • Browse our current products (see prev. section on taking your time).
  • As you browse, use the “Request a Product” form to tell us what products you like and don’t like.
  • Join our testing group to try the beta (pre-release) app.
  • On the beta app, use “like” or “add to cart” to let us know what you like.

3. Earn Rewards When Shopping Local

  • Rewards on Sillable are called “kudos”.
  • Kudos is real cash redeemable at all Sillable stores.
  • You earn Kudos for yourself after every purchase.
  • You also earn kudos for a friend who is or isn’t on Sillable. Get them to shop local too by sending kudos from the app.
Post-purchase share kudos screen

Sillable benefits to consumers and storeowners

Benefits of Sillable for Consumers

With Sillable, you can discover the best local products in New Haven (for now) and contribute to your vibrant and sustainable local community. The shopping experience we want you to have has three cornerstones:

1. Effortless

A seamless, convenient shopping experience is a prerequisite.

  • Save time: search for exactly what you want in our local database.
  • Discovery: browse stores or categories in a user-friendly discovery page.
  • All-in-one: place one order from multiple stores, and…
  • Same-day delivery! We’ll deliver goodies to you all in one go.

2. Unique

Sillable showcases the unique DNA of each store.

  • Incredibly Curated: everything you find in a brick-and-mortar store in New Haven is a reflection of the owner’s personal taste / style.
  • Highest Quality: store owners spend hours sourcing a single t-shirt or designer, so their collection is on a different playing field than Amazon dropshippers, especially the frauds.

3. Personal

We want you to feel welcomed and helped, as if you’re chatting with the owner in person.

  • Personalized Recs: Not only do we work closely with every owner to create audience-specific subcollections for Sillable, we also make use of technology to personalize your experience. An advanced algorithm bases recommendations on your browsing behavior. We’re here to give local businesses in New Haven a tech power-up.
  • We’re Reachable: call us at any time! We mean it, we love hearing from you.

By switching to Sillable for your next online shopping spree, you’ll discover items that truly stand out, while having a seamless, joyful experience. Subscribe to hear when we launch or try the beta app now!

Benefits of Sillable for Storeowners

Our eyes are on the prize: driving online business to New Haven local stores. We do this in a range of ways:

1. Simplify Inventory

Sillable makes creating products as simple as posting on Instagram.

Competitors like Shopify or Wix require significant technical familiarity. Shopify also charges much more compared to our $0 for inventory management.

If you want to inform a customer of new drops…

Currently you’d post on Instagram, hoping they see and visit in person.

Sillable can send notifications so no one is overlooked and create targeted discounts for loyal fans!

2. Foster Community

3. Reach New Customers

Organically reach the ideal new customer.

  1. Friends of existing users: users unlock more discounts by bringing their friends on – likely with similar tastes!
  2. Customers at all other “Silli-stores”: a store-agnostic rewards program means free cross-promotion! Local economies are inherently interdependent, as we’ll do a deep dive into in our next series.
  3. Passerbys: anyone intrigued but in a hurry can scan our QR code and browse later.

4. Offer Delivery

Finally, the expectation for delivery has been set sky-high by Amazon (even as more workers go on strike), and Sillable lets local stores offer same-day delivery without breaking workers’ backs.

Sillable is a truly unique solution for local stores wanting to strengthen relationships with existing customers, and cast a wider net to local consumers. If you’re a brick-and-mortar retail owner and want to get in contact, please don’t hesitate to use this form or call our number.

Now that you know how the app works, read about our hopes and dreams next:

Intro Series 2: What is Sillable
Local Economy Explained
Store Spotlights

Pilot stores

You can start browsing Sillable right now, use the suggestion box to let us know what’s on your shopping list that we should add.

Join Beta!

If you believe in what we’re building, sign up for beta access here. We’ll gladly take $10 off any purchase for your valuable feedback.

Sillable Mailing List

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