Sibling Gardening : _ )

Helena and Burton have worked on a garden together every year since 2017. Together they’ve grown several varieties of lettuce, cucumbers, beets, flowers, and more. 

This is a sun flower - Summer 2019

After two years of failure to get one to bloom, Burton succeeded in growing his favorite flower, the sunflower. Fun fact: Burton wrote his college essay about this.

That looks yum - Summer 2020

A beautiful mix of kale, lettuce, spinach, and bok choy. In the even that the COVID pandemic turned into an apocalypse, the plan was to eat salad for a while.

Getting the hands dirty - Summer 2020

Here we see the prequel to the previous photo. Burton looks very focused.

The monster cucumber - Summer 2018

This cucumber plant just wouldn't stop growing all the way until October. It looked like it was trying to get inside the house- it was a little bit creepy actually