Top 10 Adorable Everyday Additions from Uni-Home Life in New Haven

You need lamps, why not get one in the shape of a kitten? Visit Uni-Home Life at 1046 Chapel St or on Sillable.

We’re very excited about the Sillable <> Uni-Home Life collab. You can read more about Sillable’s journey here. Every store we onboard contributes something truly unique to the New Haven retail scene, and Uni-Home Life is the perfect example. In this new Asian-themed store (only 6 months old!), you can find home essentials that are absolutely adorable and bring a lightness to your day.

10. Cream Color Highlighters

Let’s get the serious stuff out of the way first. Your notes will never look more aesthetic. Surely there’s a study somewhere about how stress goes down when you switch from the glaring neon green highlighter, or the pink one that makes your notes hard to read, to pastel ones?? If not, you can be the first tester, let us know if it works!

Cream Color Highlighters from Uni-Home Life New Haven

9. Shark Slippers

I just saw these in grey at a friend’s house and knew that they had to make the list.

The comfiest, cutest home slippers. Your toes may be in danger but your vibes are not!

Üni-Home Life has a wall of cute home slippers. If the sharks aren’t your style, there’s plain ones or red banana ones too.

8. Reusable Food Container

At $3.95, Uni-Home Life’s Whitypack containers are fridge-safe, microwave-proof, hold 800mL of food, and are aesthetically pleasing. The minimalist white boxes come in many different sizes so you can finally start meal prepping – we know you haven’t gotten to try it simply because the containers need to match…

7. Animal Hand Towel

A picture speaks a thousand words, but it simply doesn’t capture how soft this is in my hands. Your home needs this. Depending on where you hang it up, you’ll get more dishes done, elevate your skincare routine, or get your little ones to wash their hands without asking twice!

6. Squishy iPhone Case

This deserved to be higher, but the reality is, this list is really competitive. I mean just look at those cheeks on this case! We know that your phone case needs to match your personality, so go ahead and get the cutest one! 😉


5. Cutting hair at home?

If you’re into long clips on slick center-parts, these clips add a matte, toned down twist to the trend. Beyond trends though, these clips are giving boutique salon. They can hold a professionally segmented and twisted strand of hair out of the way, while you give yourself or a friend a fresh summer ‘do. We checked, you can’t even find a cheaper option on Amazon!

Handmade Hair clips long Hairdressers’ Clips Neutral set of 3
Hailey Bieber wearing long clips

4. Boba Airpods Case

Browse these on Sillable but know that there’s about 30 more signs in store… If Uni-Home Life is too far, you can also hop on the mailing list at the bottom of this post and get notified about new cases!


3. Facewash Headband

What does Billie Eilish and my friend with the glowing skin have in common? They put a bow on their heads before washing their face! Must be something in the soft fabric, huh?

It seems like every skincare guru has one…

2. Plush toys!!

These sell out the fastest at Uni-Home Life, aaand they’re not always restocked. If your partner sees something that makes them squeal, you should get it for them immediately like Rauw does for Rosalía. Toys are underrated as adult gifts – nothing brings pure, innocent joy the same way a hug toy does.


1. Your New Beside Companion


I’m not a cat person. I’m a staunch dog person.

But even my heart has been melted by this kitten lamp. The warm glow, the soft soft fur, the round home they cozy up in that you can tap to turn on and off… the beside lamps at Uni-Home Life are always sold out for a reason.

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There’s so much that didn’t make the list, from soft bathroom rugs to cute bucket hats. We hope you check out New Haven’s Uni-Home Life whether in person or online!

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